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Cats together, is that okay?

The most frequently asked question about the cattery is whether it is okay for strange cats to live together in a room. The answer to that is 'Yes'.  Of course, shelter in a common area in a cat boarding house is not the best option for every cat.

No own territory

The cats are all temporary here and there is therefore 'nobody'. The cats don't have to defend anything, no cat is the 'owner of the house'. The cats respect each other and interact in their own way. Sometimes cats really like each other and play all day or even go to sleep together. For other cats this is not necessary and they are fine with it, doing their own thing, but have no need to interact with another cat. 

The most difficult for the cats are the delivery and collection times. At that moment they smell the smell of home, think of the travel basket and they 'belong', voices of the owners. At those moments, the sense of territory can be present. That is why we keep these moments as short as possible.

Why should I choose Kyaros?

We want to make a difference with the quality of service, think of both the room design and the personal contact. This way we are never with too many cats in the pension, so we are always flexible, so a day longer is no problem.

If you like to hear how things are going during the holidays, we will. At no extra cost, simply because we know what it's like to leave the kittens behind. 


The cat rooms all have underfloor heating and mechanical ventilation. The rooms will soon all be equipped with cameras so that we have an even better view of what is happening in the rooms. 

Which cat is in which room?

In the end, it's about the cat having a nice holiday too. The group is of great influence in this regard. Depending on who is staying with us at the moment, we can determine which room suits best. We always look at the home situation. Indoor cats, stay with us (in principle) also indoors and outdoor cats are also allowed to go outside with us. Of course you can also indicate a preferred stay.

Distribution of energy 
In the pension I think it is important that the cats are really happy. By that I mean that the cats feel at ease and so go where they want. For this we pay attention to the distribution of the cats in the rooms, we do this mainly on the basis of energy. If kittens are walking around in a room with the energy of a cat of 6 months, it is not nice to add a 'grandma' of 16. The age is not leading, because a cat of 10 can be more energetic than a cat of 3.

What do the cats get to eat?

Our prices are all inclusive, so food is included. The cats are offered high-quality kibble from Royal Canin in feeding games throughout the day. These feeding games help with a good balance in the amount of food offered, it prevents the bowl from being emptied in 1 x and invites play to make eating an interesting activity. In addition, the animals are given a treat twice a day. This is alternately wet food, a cat snack or some fresh meat or fish. We will of course take your preferences into account.

How is a cat introduced to the group?

We try to keep the bringing time as short as possible, see also question 1. As soon as the cat is out of the basket and the owners are gone, the cat can really start getting used to it. The cat can do this at its own pace, but the cat can be restless for a while. There is sometimes hissing and growling, which is also allowed as an essential part of the cat language. It's just a matter of finding out who's there and who's coming in. The cat goes in and out of every box and basket on an extensive exploration of the room, then they take a nice place. 

Does it sometimes go wrong? 
In the almost 12 years that I have had the cattery now, I have a lot of experience with the merging of the cats. It never really goes wrong, but it has happened (rarely) that it is more difficult for certain cats to find a place in the group. These are actually always animals that lack a sense, think of blind or deaf cats. They lack part of the cat language, which makes it more difficult to feel at home in the group. If you have a cat that lacks a sense, please contact me and I can see how we can accommodate your cat.

Does a cattery give stress to the cat?

If it were up to the cat, every day is the same, cats like a fixed daily rhythm. You are therefore not doing the cat any favors with your holiday and since you are away from home during a holiday, 'everything is different', which causes stress to a greater or lesser extent. It does not matter whether you keep the cat at home or take the cat to a boarding house. A cat can also experience a lot of stress from being alone. It depends on the cat which is the best option.


Tip 1:

Think along from the cat's position: The cat already senses that you are going on holiday, may have already seen the suitcases appear, must be in a travel basket and then also a ride in the car. All in all an exciting experience for the cat, the more often the cat experiences this, the lower the influence on the stress level will be. You can help the cat by staying in the regular rhythm as completely as possible until you have taken the cat away. So leave the suitcases in the attic for a while. Take the cat away at a quiet time so you don't rush to 'catch' the cat. 

Tip 2:

Watch your own emotion, if you find it very difficult to take your cat away, it may be easier for the cat if someone else does that for you. Also think of your children, is it useful to take them with you when you drop them off? Cats feel emotions flawlessly and can even adopt them. Of course you can also transfer the cat directly (with basket) to me. 

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