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The rooms

Room division based on the energy of the cats.

The cats stay with us in common rooms.

The new location will open at the end of April 2022 - Photos to follow

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Climbing, clambering, experiencing the outdoors

For the energetic cat, lots of challenge, high, low, indoors and outdoors. Lots of stimuli due to regular changes in toys. Large outdoor run for real outdoor cats.


Run, high, climb, fresh air

For the indoor cat who also likes to get a breath of fresh air. Designed for indoor entertainment, both high and low. With the possibility to get a breath of fresh air in the outdoor area.

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Lounge -  Completion June 2022

Inside, a bit of a challenge now and then, not too much crowds.

Relaxed room for the quieter or perhaps older cat, more furnished low to the ground. Lots of easily accessible hiding spots.

Special - Completion June 2022

Diedining room

This room is especially for cats with a specific diet, can also be rented for individual stays (outside the holidays).

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